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We are a unique consulting team of scientists, engineers, and designers.

“Imagination is our limit.” Thinking outside the box… is where we begin.

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We tackle just about everything:

  • Are you an aeronautics team trying to design a better engine valve?
  • Are you a pharmaceutical team trying to crack a molecular biology protocol?
  • Are you a scientific team stuck on a mathematical equation?
  • Are you an automotive team trying to get more horsepower out of an engine?

We tackle the macro and we tackle the micro. We love solving mysteries, every question is a challenge for us. No project is too small. We help Fortune 500s, and Math professors.

  • We work with the DOD or the DMV.
  • We work with a Team of 1 or 200.
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    Together as a team we are unstoppable. We have a 100% success rate at solving “impossible” problems. What is your impossible problem? We eat “impossible” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.